Every product you purchase from us at Frilete receives a 30-day warranty. This helps to ensure that our customer satisfaction is paramount. All our unsatisfied clients are encouraged to initiate a return or an exchange of a product within 30 days. After which Frilete refuses to take any more responsibilities for the product in question.

There are conditions to fulfill in the event of a return, without this being completed your return request will not be granted.


Everyone who participates in any of our bootcamp or outdoor fitness sessions or events shall take responsibility for any risks that occur from participating in such events, and agree to follow all rules and regulations of all events they decide to participate in. They are to disclose any pre-existing injuries before partaking in any event.

It is acknowledged that every participant in a Frilete event is fully aware of the risks involved and Frilete will not bear any loss or injury, whether personal or not. In many cases, participants will be required to sign an acknowledgement form to this effect.